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The Adoramus Choir and Orchestra commemorated the D-Day landings with a concert featuring war-inspired pieces, including Vaughan-Williams’ ‘Dirge for Two Veterans’, John Williams’ Hymn to the Fallen, and a piece of music from the film, The Longest Day.  I conducted a few of the children’s choir items, for a choir from St Columba’s Prep School in St Albans as well as arranging the classic 40s tune ‘Swingin’ on a Star’ for the orchestra.  Find out more here: http://www.adoramus.com/index.html

Prom Praise

In April I wrote another batch of arrangements for the ever-inspiring All Souls Orchestra, this time featuring guest singer-songwriters Graham Kendrick, Paul Baloche, and Martin Smith.  The concert featured a 100-piece orchestra as well as an astounding 450 member choir.  Arrangements included a new arrangement of ‘Shine, Jesus Shine’, ‘Now May the Peace of the Lord’ and a new duet penned by Smith and Kendrick based on the words of ‘Praise My Soul the King of Heaven’.  A CD and DVD release will follow, by Integrity Music.  

Cross Linx Festival, NL

In August 2013, I wrote a piece called ‘Monologue and Minuet’ for violist Liam Byrne, which was premiered at the Handel House Museum in central London.  Liam has recently played this piece at the Cross Linx Festival in the Netherlands as well as in Berlin.  The piece is a musical soliloquy with a bohemianesque kernel with strummed lute-like passages alongside some more typically contrapuntal viol writing.  Find out more about Liam here.  

This was a celebratory service to set out the vision for the London Diocese over the next seven years.  This was a great opportunity for different churches of different traditions to meet together to worship.  Towards the end of the service, we played/sung Bob Chilcott’s anthem, ‘Be Thou My Vision’, which I adapted for a small chamber group from All Souls Langham Place to play alongside the St Paul’s Cathedral Choir and the Twyford Gospel Choir.  

June 2014

‘Hearts’, a film I worked on with director Phillip Todd was shown at this year’s Edinburgh Short Film Festival.  You can listen to the score on my Soundcloud account.  I’ll paste a link here shortly.